The word “Upholstery” comes from  the Middle English word “upholder”  which referred to a tradesman who held up his goods. The ancient process dates back to the Middle Ages, and became increasingly popular in 17th-18th century England, when comfort and elegance became more important parts of society. These are two of the essential elements of our craft that we strive to deliver at all times. Upholstery starts with a diagnosis, preferably a good and honest one and following it up with usefull advice. After determining the exact problem, the upholsterer must not only refabricate, but also deliver the necessary repairs on the padding, springs, or webbing, all of which will be discussed with you before any of them take place. Atelier Guy Paulissen can look back on a healthy amount of experience with high-standard brands of furniture, such as Artifort, Leolux, Montis, Cassina, B&B Italia and Gelderland. For any information on prices, you can always contact me by telephone or visit me in my workshop. One of the many other possibilities is a personalised saddle for your motorcycle or scooter, which can be customised to your preferences up to the smallest of measurements.